A story of health, hygiene, space, land, class, wealth accumulation, global attention,


mass movement and death from 125 years of sportive competition.

Touring Olympia is a guided audio tour into post-Olympic space, looking back at the rise and fall of one of the most

influential international institutions of the 20th Century. This book and accompanying audio CD are designed to

aid tourists as they experience the ruins of Olympia in Los Angeles: the cultural and sports complex of Exposition

Park. Exposition Park is located at 3990 Menlo Park on the South Side of Los Angeles, just West of Vermont Ave., between Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and Exposition Blvd. A map behind the CD can be used as a guide once inside the park.


Let us export rowers, runners and fencers;there is the free trade of the future

and on the day when it is introducedwithin the walls of Old Europe the cause ofpeace will have received a

new and mighty stay.

Ancient Olympia was a city of atheletics,art and prayer. The sacred and aestheticcharacter of Olympia were consequences ofit’s muscular role. It will be the same with the modern Olympics. It must be steeped in a sort ofgravity. It will be the task of architecture toaccomplish this effect.


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  1. Natural History Museum

  2. Rose Garden

  3. Annenberg Building

  4. African American Museum

  5. Science Center

  1. Air & Space Gallery

  2. LA Memorial Sports Arena

  3. Swim Stadium

  4. IntergenerationalCommunity Center

  5. IMAX Theater