Selection of writings available for reading:

> Interview: Artist and writer Heath Schultz interviewed me for the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest diablog in 2015. We discussed my work with the Prison+Neighborhood Arts Project, Chicago Torture Justice Memorials and the potential for creative culture to foster dialog and change.

> And what happens to you concerns us here: Imaginings for a (new) Prison Arts Movement: A collaboratively written essay with Erica Meiners on the history of art and education at Stateville Prison and the influence of Dr. Margaret Burroughs.  Chapter in Art Against the Law” ed. Rebecca Zorach. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 2015.

> Arts of Resistance: A collaboratively written text with Ryan Griffis that focuses on creative projects that intervene in city spaces to critique neoliberal processes and create new ways of articulating accountability. Published as a chapter in Cities and Inequalities in a Transnational World. ed. Faranak Miraftab, David Wilson and Ken Salo. New York, London: Routledge. 2015.

> Due Time: A collaboratively written glossary about how time is differently constructed in a carceral state. Scapegoat Journal, Issue 7, Summer/Fall 2014. The work was also made into a booklet by Half Letter Press and can be purchased there.

> Between the Bottomlands and the World:  An Abbreviated Glossary of Experiences in and Around Beardstown, IL”. chapter in Deep Routes: The Midwest in All Directions. ed. Borcilla, Rozalinda, Bonnie Fortune and Sarah Ross. Whitewire: Iowa. 2012

> Experiments of Struggle: a text reflecting on the vulnerability of beginning something for the first time. The text was printed in "Hey We're All Beginngers Here!" and accompanied an exhibition curated by Mike Wolf 2010

> in a most dangerous manner: a text co-written with Steven Lam, accompaning an exhibition at SPACES GALLERY in Cleveland and published in the Ninth Letter journal Vol. 7 #1, 2010

> The Audacity of Desperation: a text co-written with Jessica Lawless, and political failures and desparate times; compliments the exhbition

> Living in Almost Places: a text looking at the visual culture of planned community entrances (2007) published in Journal for Northeast Issues in 2010.

> Territorial Imaginations: Text written as part of a magazine project focusing on planned communities and prisons (2007)

> Testing Resistance: Notes on public architecture and the body in Los Angeles, compliments the project of the same name (2005)

> The Shape of a Neighborhood: paper exploring urban design and exclusion (2005)