2010, Siting Expositions

Siting Expositions Vancouver is an audio-walking tour of Vancouver’s False Creek, the site of massive development following two global mega-events—Expo 86 and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The contours of the False Creek are half its original size; modifications for the purposes of shipping, industry and real estate have shaped this landscape. Recent development for the Winter Olympics Games was advertised as “Vancouver’s Last Waterfront Development”, marking a final phase of construction at False Creek. What happened between the colonial and industrial history and the new real estate era and how do mega events create place? This audio piece tells several stories of development here in False Creek and around the globe– all places shaped by removing people, homes and businesses for the promise new jobs, and of course, a spectacular event.

This project is a collaboration with Ryan Griffis and Lize Mogel as part of a book titled “Stories in Reserve.”