2003, Studies in Editing

Studies in Editing is a photographic and service-based project, utilizing the alleys and refuse of residents in Long Beach, CA. This project started with conversations with residents in Long Beach alleyways, who sifted reusable, fixable or recyclable items from the trash. These stewards of waste made a first, second or third income by reducing the amount of waste destined for landfills. Photographs from Studies in Editing uses white-out to paint out objects I deemed non-resuable in the trash. Studies in Editing also produced a weekly fabric recovery service, whereby I gathered from the alley trash cans clothes, towels, sheets, curtains, pot holders, aprons, throw rugs, and other fabrics. The fabrics were laundered, folded and returned to their original site. The service rolodexes note the conditions of the trash cans, conversations with alley colleagues and residents, and special finds.

studies in editing