2008, The Great Disassembly Tour

The Great Disassembly of 2008 was the result of pedestrians, bikers, and bus riders alike, dismantling car infrastructures in the United States: highways, drive-thrus, parking lots and garages, gas stations, suburbs, malls, gated communities, car manufacturing plants, oil changing stations, rest stops, tire plants – all were disassembled to accomodate today’s greenways, foot paths, bus and biking lanes. The Disassembly Tour is a nationwide effort to remember places of the past. Shrouded in myth and mystery since its transformation, the Great Disassembly is still misunderstood today. Often considered dead, barren, and desolate, visitors are surprised to find these historic sites full of marvel and wonder. The Great Disassembly National Preserve provides a glimpse into our vehicular history and invites tourists to learn from our past.

Download the promotional poster (PDF) created by fictional National Historical Administration, in cooperation with the Temporary Travel Office.