2008, Touring Olympia

Touring Olympia is a long term tourism campaign, attempting to understand the ideological geography of the Olympic Movement. In collaboration with the Temporary Travel Office, we have be produced guided and self guided tours, beginning with Exposition Park, the site of the 1932 and 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. As part of the Anytime, Anyplace symposium at Pasadena City College (March 14, 2008), the we led a tour of Exposition Park, set in a fictional near future of 2030. The collapse of the Olympic Games occurred in Los Angeles in 2020, just as the city was set to become Olympia for a third time, but was defeated by a global athlete walkout in the face of global economic and political depression. The tour concluded with a reading of “Ode to Sport”, a poem written by the “Father of the Modern Olympic Games,” Pierre de Coubertin and a reenactment of the last torch lighting ceremony.

An audio CD and guide book are available for purchase or as a free download.